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March 27th, 2014

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08:52 pm - Sales Post 1 4/3/2014
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Seller Terms and Conditions
·        Prices are listed in AUD, Australian dollars and USD, United States dollars. We will invoice on both and request
·        All of the Lolita is stored in a smoke-free, pet-free environment
·        We do take payment plans, a 20% deposit is required and is non-refundable. Please contact to discuss further
·        Sale price does not include shipping unless noted otherwise. Shipping calculator can be found here. If needed shipping materials will be included in the shipping quote.
·        First person to agree to sale and shipping price and provide their paypal address will get the item.
·        After a confirmation of sale has been made payment needs to be made within 24 hours unless otherwise requested. If no contact is made after 24 hours the item may be passed on to the next person in line.
·        All items are sold “as is” condition, unless otherwise stated are second-hand which means that they may have small marks or minor imperfections.
·        All sales are final, please be sure when you request to buy.
·        Measurements are taken by flat laying and doubling. These are approximate; please allow some room for fitting or comfort.
·        Items will be shipped within a week of payment being made.
·        Paypal fees are not included in the pricing

ETC jkssmETCAntonia
Emily Temple Cute JSK $145AUD / $135USD
Has been modified so that the shoulder straps are attached as opposed to being halter neck. Was done by a professional seamstress. excellent condition. The picture was lightened slightly to show the detail of the dress.
Measurements: Underbust 80cm, bust 90cm.
Worn here:
Weight: 400gr

Emily Temple Cute OP $195 / $180USD
Pale pink OP with candy print. Very good condition, a little wrinkly from storage.
Measurement: 80-100cm bust, waist free.
Weight: 300gr

Innocent World Antonia JSK $115 / $108USD
Excellent condition
Measurements: Bust:  76-120 Waist:  10+53+3

Weight: 400gr

Angelic Pretty Marionette girl $205AUD / $195USD
Good condition. There is a very faint discoloration on the front white bodice part, as well as small mark on back. Price has been reduced to reflect this.
Measurements: 88-100cm bust, 68-88cm waist, length 88cm
Hello lace:
Proof photo:
Weight: 750gr

Atelier Pierrot Ivory JSK $125AUD / $109USD
Some stretch at the stitching down the side of the bodice. Please see attached picture. Price has been reduced to reflect this.
Measurement: 70-95cm bust and 70-85cm waist
Weight: 300gr

Alice and the Pirates Conrad Blouse $85/ $78 USD
A little wrinkly but otherwise in very good condition.
Measurements: 80cm waist, 95cm bust.
Weight: 250gr
Blouse blacketccutIMG_1682_sm
Baby the Stars Shine Bright fully shirred black blouse $85AUD / $78 USD
Very good condition, has a slightly worn feeling to it.
Measurement: 80-100cm bust (will go further, but may bet gapping at the button) 80-100cm waist
Weight: 200gr

Emily Temple cute pink Cutsew $30 / $28 USD
Very good condition.
Measurements: flatlay 80cm across (t-shirt material has alot of stretch)
Weight: 150gr

Emily Temple Cute Stripe glitter knit cardigan in pink $50 / $46 USD
New,with tags, it has been tried on
Measurement: Flat bust measurement is 80cm. I can wear it buttoned up without gaping. 90cm bust, 75cm waist.
Weight: 200g

innocnet worldIMG_0742peacneow
Innocent World Concordia pullover in black $60 / $55 USD
New with tags (lucky pack)
Measurements: Bust:  80 Length:  52 (has stretch)
Weight: 200g

Black Peace Now Velvet jacket $95 / $88 USD
Excellent condition Weight: 600gr

Peace Now Crop jacket/bolero $95 / $88 USD
Excellent condition, recommended for 90cm bust or under. Weight: 300gr

Peace Now Blouse. $50 / $46 USD
Excellent condition, chiffon ruffles down the front
Measurements: flat 90cm bust, 80cm waist.
Close up: photo taken at night so a little blurry
Weight: 200g

h.naoto sixh rider jacket $60 / $55 USD
Very good condition
Measurement: It fits a 95cm bust, 75cm waist with room.
Weight: 700gr

Liz Lisa OP $35
New with tags
Weight: 500gr

GLW Blonde/Brown Wig (Milk tea) $35 / $33.50 USD

ETC petts_smbag t
Emily Temple Cute skirt/petticoat $40 / $37 USD
Very good condition. Tiered skirt with a separate lining inside. Could be worn as a soft petticoat for longer dress or to increase the length of a JSK at the bottom. the lace at the bottom is very pretty
Measurement: 60-90cm waist, 60cm +5cm (lace)length Weight: 550gr

Alice and the Pirates 3 Cards Quilting Bag $110AUD / $105 USD
Excellent condition (not been used)
Weight:size (not including straps ) 47cm x 35cm Weight: 350gr

Q-pot black sundae tote $15 / $15 USD

Angelic Pretty Mook NEW with bag $35 / $32 USD
dokidoki bag that came with mook $10 / $10 USD
Innocent bag that came with mook (darker in person) $10 / $9 USD
Q-pot tote and apron that came with mook $25 / $23 USD

Angelic Pretty Novelty hand towels $15 / $14.50 USD
Weight: 100gr each
Angelic Pretty Scalloped Ribbon shoes $120AUD / $110 USD
Tagged as L, but really a larger M or small L. I am a size M in all brand shoes and these fit me fine. I am looking to get more coloured shoes which is why I am selling these. small scuffs on the inside of the shoe, I wore them twice. Still in Very good condition!
Hello lace:
Proof photo:
Light scuffs:
Weight: 800gr (bubblewrapped)

Offbrand leather boots Ghillie style by "Zu"  (size M) $60 / $55 USD
These boots are new, i bought them from a local lolita and have not worn them. Size 37.5, Im normally a M or 23.5cm

Angelic P4etty heart lollipop necklace $40 / $37 USD
Angelic Pretty Masquerade Star bracelet $40 / $37 USD
Angelic Pretty Whipped Magic necklace $30 / $28 USD
Angelic Pretty Misty Sky necklace AND bracelet in WHITE NEW $85 / $78 USD
Angelic Pretty Misty sky bracelet blue $35 / $33 USD
Milk Necklace, silver $40 / $37.50 USD
Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry necklace $38 / $35.50 USD
Angelic Pretty Masquerade Star bracelet $40 / $37 USD
Angelic Pretty white Starry night theater wristcuffs $40 / $37 USD
Angelic Pretty Pink bunny bangle $30/ $28 USD
Angelic Pretty Heart Tartan bangle $25 / $23 USD
BTSSB bonbon pin $15 / $14 USD
BTSSB umbrellas pin $15 / $14 USD
Angelic Pretty pink bunny ring $25 / $23 USD

Angelic Pretty lavender shy bear ring $25 / $23 USD
Angelic Pretty Candy funfair red heart ring $30/ $28 USD
Chocomint lavender/pink bow ring $5 / $5 USD
Angelic Pretty bonbon hair combs $38 / $35.50 USD
dokodoki candy necklace $95/ $89 USD
Angelic Pretty Dream Sky nails $30/ $28 USD
Q-pot bracelet New $50 / $47 USD
Weight: 100gr each

Angelic Pretty Stawberry parlour collar $30/ $28 USD
Innocent world detachable jabot $30/ $28 USD
Angelic Pretty 3 colour pastel ribbon headbow $45 / $42 USD
BTSSB Merry Sweet Castle pink headbow $25 / $23 USD
BTSSB white hair ties x2 $30 / $28 USD
BTSSB black side headbow $25 / $23 USD
Angelic Pretty Stawberry barette $25 / $23 USD
Angelic Pretty Marine barette $15 / $14 USD
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat Hair clip (hand made) $15 / $14 USD
Angelic Pretty Whipped Showcase $45 / $42 USD
Weight: 100gr each

Vitae rainbow socks (pink) NEW $30 / $28 USD
Vitae rainbow socks (lavender) NEW $30
/ $28 USD
AATP polkadot rose socks NEW $35 / $33 USD
Offbrand chocolate socks NEW $10 / $10 USD
Angelic Pretty Marshmallow OTKs (released with sugary carnival) very good condition $35 / $33 USD
Angelic Pretty Dream macaron socks NEW $35 / $33 USD
Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern socks NEW $35 / $33 USD
Offbrand purple polkadot tight/socks (free with any purchase)

Angelic Pretty Misty Sky anklet socks NEW $35 / $33 USD
Offbrand transparent ribbon socks NEW $10 / $10 USD
Weight: 100gr each

Offbrand music note tattoo tights NEW $10 / $10 USD
Sweetie cakes Melty Tights (sax x pink) NEW $18 / $17 USD
Sweetie cakes Melty Tights (lavender x pink) NEW $18 / $17 USD
Hello Cavaties bat knit tights $18 / $17 USD
Angelic Pretty Whipped Showcase - lavender NEW $50 / $47 USD
Angelic Pretty Whipped Showcase NEW - pink $50 / $47 USD
Angelic Pretty Cherry tights NEW $35 / $33 USD
Weight: 100gr each

Please note that registered post starts from $20.10 and goes up from there. To find a shipping quote, please take the weight of the item and use the following website. You will only need to enter the country and weight.

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Date:February 27th, 2014 01:27 pm (UTC)
I'm maybe interested by: Angelic Pretty lavender shy bear ring $25 / $23 USD
But I try with the shipping calculator and I find $20 o_o
What is the weigh for just one ring? thanks!
[User Picture]
Date:February 27th, 2014 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yes that is correct, unfortunately for registered post anything under 500gr is $20.10
[User Picture]
Date:February 28th, 2014 10:49 am (UTC)
Arff ok thank you XD

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